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Oliver Pines

Simple Rules and tools to create a professional look if you don’t know anything about design

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For some time now, Medium writers have been able to personalize their profile page, which is terrific!

A read for when you still doubt the equality between men and women

Scandinavian Hunter-Gatherer Reconstruction by Oscar Nillson — 1 October 2019 (modified in black and white)

Until now, it was generally agreed by the scientific and historical communities that early male hunter-gatherers hunted animals and the women gathered herbs, fruits, vegetables, and reared the children.

The grave goods (items buried with the dead) were to be used by the…

Followed by my three parts healing process

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It is never easy to share personal moments of our lives publicly. I don’t know if publishing this story on Medium is going to help me. I guess this is something that I’m gonna have to live with.

“Don’t focus on what others will think. Focus on what others can gain from a story like this” — Tim Denning

The tale

The first wave of COVID was ending, and, for the first time in three months, people in Belgium were allowed to…

Everything there is to know and ideas on how to improve yours

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Empathy: the ability to share someone else’s feelings or experiences by imagining what it would be like to be in that person’s situation.

Forget about his big dark brown eyes, her exemplary career, or their hilarious humor. Empathy is what you should aim for.

Who said art didn’t have anything to do with politics?

Photo by Dakota Corbin on Unsplash — modified by the author

Can a drawing reveal how you feel about the soon to be ex-president Donald Trump? That is what a study from Data for Progress has found (in partnership with YouGov).

What our one-year relationship taught me

Red and white flowers on the ground — picture taken from above
Red and white flowers on the ground — picture taken from above
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For the last time, I need to confide in you.

A simple trick for healthier and more enjoyable relationships

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Recently, I remembered a story that I had heard two years ago or so. Don’t ask me where or from whom; my memory is not that good.

Or how to gain wisdom while having a laugh

People climbing stairs
People climbing stairs
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We all have a dream, a purpose, a goal, a new resolution that we want to achieve; even several for some of us. But challenge incites conflict. Sometimes with others but most of all with ourselves. We are the main adversary against our own objectives.

1 — “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing — that’s why we recommend it daily.” — Zig Ziglar

I find it useful to read some inspiring quotes. It allows me to overcome my struggles temporarily and to get back in track towards my goals.

Anybody can be Somebody

2— “A diamond is merely a…

And what can be done

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The debates about gun control in the United States have been in everybody’s ears for decades. As Europeans, by not having almost any access to guns, we’ve been watching it all from afar.

There were more mass shootings across the US in 2019 than there were days in the year.

44% of Americans say that they know someone who has been shot.

6 in 10 Americans fear that a mass shooting will occur in their community.

More than 342,439 people were shot to death in the United States between 2008 and 2017. …

Eight simple changes that made me retake my control of life.

Little child watching a screen at night
Little child watching a screen at night
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Before solving a problem, the first thing to do is to acknowledge there is one.

— Will McAvoy, The Newsroom

Have you done that? Yes?

Oliver Pines

Graphic Designer, bartender wanna be and new writer from Belgium — One word at a time.

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